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       东莞浩丰食品机械科技有限公司由专业团队建立,总部设立于华南地区,在华北和华东设立办事处,服务全国烘焙同仁。公司从事进口烘焙设备,提供专业售后服务,团队成员拥有十五年以上的行业经验。浩丰公司为众多欧洲知名烘焙设备厂家在中国的授权代理商,代理品牌有瑞士Rondo、奥地利Koenig、法国VMI、Eurofours、Hengel、 德国Erika Record、意大利Vitella、Friulinox、ABM 和Europa、荷兰Baktec.




Dong guan Huge Food Machinery Tech. Co., Ltd is founded by professional team members, our headquarter is located in south China, and subsidiaries are founded in the north and east of China, in order to better serve our customers throughout China. We are specialized in importing bakery equipments, and provide professional services. The team members have more than 15 years of experience in the bakery business. Huge Food Machinery is the authorized agent of many world famous European bakery manufacturers, and we are representing Rondo from Switzerland, Koenig from Austria, VMI、 Eurofours and Hengel from France,  Erika Record from Germany, Vitella, Friulinox, ABM and Europa from Italy, Baktec from Holland.

Our service range covers project design, equipment purchasing, import, installation and after sales service, and integrated proposal for factory equipment planning. We have successfully imported quite a lot of industrial bakery equipments, and realized the industrial production of products like croissant, danish, pizza, portugal egg tart, almond pastry, Chinese pastry, donut, soft European bread and sweet yeast bread etc. We have successfully helped customer to enhance production capacity, efficiency and product variety. And we have also got a good reputation among our customers.

Huge Food Machinery is located in Tian’an Digital Park of Nancheng District in Dong guan, we have sufficient spare parts on stock. We adopt four hour emergency response mechanism. We provide all rounded after sales service to our customers.

Our targeting customers
*Industry food manufacturing factories  
*Frozen dough manufacturing factories 
*Bakery chain stores and central factories 
*Star hotel and engineering companies 
*Airport and other Caterings companies